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About us

About us

At Agriturismo Montelovesco you will be welcomed by Claudia, Stefano and Lorenzo, who take care of this family-run facility.

Agriturismo Montelovesco is a family-run facility, where you will be welcomed by Claudia, Stefano and Lorenzo. Claudia is responsible for the administration of the agriturismo, from quotations to bookings, and will welcome you when you check in, making sure you feel comfortable in the facility. In his spare time from his job, Stefano is responsible of the Agriturismo’s greenery, swimming pool and animals – two dogs and two horses – as well as the maintenance of the property.

Claudia and Stefano are originally from the province of Milan, but Claudia’s maternal grandmother came from Umbertide, a village not far from Montelovesco. The property belonged to Claudia’s family, but it had been abandoned more than 50 years ago. At the end of the 1990s, the family decided to reclaim first the land, then the structure; Claudia, who has always loved nature and horses, decided to move to Montelovesco together with Stefano. Since 2011, they have lived on the top floor of the agriturismo, dedicating themselves with passion to the management of the structure.

Foto che ritrae Claudia (a sinistra), Stefano (a destra) e il piccolo Lorenzo (al centro) mentre si affacciano da una terrazza. Loro sono i proprietari e gestori dell’Agriturismo Montelovesco.
Foto dall’alto di una sezione di terreno coltivabile che circonda l’Agriturismo Montelovesco. Intorno ai terreni, crescono piante di varie tipologie. Nella parte bassa della foto, un cavallo sta mangiando l’erba.


Montelovesco area

Montelovesco was an ancient fortress of Gubbio built in the Middle Ages to limit the expansion of Perugia. It was razed to the ground during the war between Perugia and Gubbio in 1217. Its reconstruction was the work of the bishopric of Gubbio; for this reason, the ancient stronghold took the name Monte del Vescovo (Bishop Mount). 

Agriturismo Montelovesco

Agriturismo Montelovesco owes its name to the area in which it is located, and is situated in Vocabolo Canale, 470 m above sea level and 640 m downhill from the municipal road of Montelovesco. It is not possible to give a certain date regarding the origin of the building, but it is present in the Gregorian Cadastre established in 1816. Belonging to the Vatican State until the Unification of Italy, the farm was bought by Claudia’s ancestors at the end of the 19th century.  

The traditional rural residence, consisting of a central body and two secondary bodies added over time, had been used for tobacco and cereal cultivation until the Second World War. After the end of sharecropping, the farm was abandoned and gradually deteriorated. In 2008, the structure was completely restored, preserving the characteristic elements of the farmhouse, and adapting it to new requirements. Today, Agriturismo Montelovesco is an ideal destination for people seeking an authentic experience in the Umbrian countryside.


The restoration

In the year 2000, Claudia’s family decided to follow the footsteps of her great-great grandparents and embark on an ambitious project to restore the farm, which involved a series of large-scale interventions: the cultivation of land that had been abandoned for over fifty years, the restoration of the olive tree  grove, the planting of an orchard, the recovery of the local roads and finally the complete restoration of the ruined structure.

All maintenance work was carried out respecting the pre-existing structure and according to the taste of traditional Umbrian architecture. For this reason, in all apartments it is possible to breath the typical atmosphere of Umbrian dwellings, but with a modern touch and great attention to detail.

Foto panoramica dell’Agriturismo Montelovesco, situato sul lato sinistro della foto, in posizione centrale. Da destra in basso verso la struttura, si trova la strada sbrecciata che conduce all’Agriturismo, che è circondato da ricca vegetazione e terre coltivabili. Al centro sulla destra della foto, c’è la piscina dell’Agriturismo. Un cielo con nubi fa da cornice alla foto in alto.
Inquadratura ravvicinata su una pianta di fico che si trova nei giardini dell’Agriturismo Montelovesco. Nella foto si distinguono le foglie di questo albero e alcuni dei suoi frutti maturi.

Organic lifestyle

We pay attention to reduce waste, use renewable energy sources, grow fruits and vegetables using organic farming techniques.

Vista dall’alto di un piccolo lago circondato da alberi e terreni.


The ideal place to spend time with the family between walks in the nature and board games or reading a book in the silence and calmness of the place.