Agriturismo Montelovesco


Garden and playground

Garden and playground

Agriturismo Montelovesco is completely surrounded by a large garden in which there is also a specific area for kids

Inquadratura dall’alto dell’area giochi recintata dell’Agriturismo Montelovesco. Sulla sinistra della foto, un bambino sta scendendo dallo scivolo posizionato accanto all’altalena. Sul lato destro, invece, tre persone sono stese sulle sdraio all’ombra di un ombrellone da giardino.


The garden of Agriturismo Montelovesco is an enchanting place, ideal for spending moments of relaxation and fun.
It offers a beautiful swimming pool with solarium, relaxation areas with armchairs, hammocks and outdoor dining tables for each apartment. In addition, there are two barbecues in a strategic location, near the apartments, and a lot of space to play and run on the meadows.

The garden of the agriturismo is characterised by typical Umbrian hills vegetation, with holm oaks, durmasts, hazels, oaks, service trees, elms, elder trees, brooms, wild orchids, mint, borage, and wild blackberries. Many ornamental plants, including lavender, hypericum, rosemary and yellow, white, pink and red roses make the garden colorful and evocative.

The garden is not fenced, but blends perfectly with the olive tree groove, the farmland of the property and the surrounding wooded areas,
promoting the presence of a various biodiversity. It is possible to meet roe deers, foxes, hares, porcupines, badgers, and a great variety of winged animals and predatory, including hoopoes, kestrels, goldfinches, robins, magpies, swallows, woodpeckers and pheasants.

Close to the agriturismo, there is a scenic lake, inhabited by fish and frogs, that also houses a family of herons. During summer evenings, the garden is enlivened by the characteristic glow of fireflies and the song of crickets and cicadas. The outdoor lighting is designed not to disturb the sight of stars.


Agriturismo Montelovesco has an ideal playground for kids, located between the swimming pool and the apartments. The strategic location guarantees an optimal visibility for parents, who can relax while sunbathing and watch their kids playing. In addition, the playground is fenced and has a free access. Inside, kids can enjoy a slide, two swings, a ping pong table and a lot of space to run and play in the open air.

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